Our extensive knowledge and expertise in parallelization of applications at the algorithmic level and distributing applications over grids or clusters of computers lends us to be a great asset to customers who just want to achieve performance from their existing resources.
Accelerating the performance of an application by leveraging parallel programming, on multi-core computers, is a skillset we possess and share with our customers on both at the design and implementation levels.

We incorporate state-of-the-art, academically researched algorithms, create our own or innovate by improvising on existing ones. Our usage of industry standard parallelization APIs such as MPI, PVM, OpenMP, OpenCL and NVIDIA's CUDA will help you take advantage of cheaper hardware to extract that extra drop of performance from your investment. Watch a presentation on our upcoming product PARASOL™ to see what we are building.
Check out our open source product Wisecracker™ to see our capabilities.

Cross-platform computing expertise in languages such as C and C++ for various operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows®, Linux®, Solaris® and Mac OS X®, not only enables us to improve performance in applications by keeping in mind the specific quirks of each operating system, but also design APIs that are designed to be identical for all platforms to make life easy for developers.

Considering how important the operating system can be to performance, we are also capable of compiling and modifying Linux® kernels to gain better performance out of them specific to the hardware that is being used. We can also design custom Linux distributions for high performance computing usage on clusters.

For more information regarding our consulting and programming services related to high performance computing, contact us.