Hotpatch™ is an open source library that can be used to dynamically load a shared library (.so) file on Linux from one process into another already running process, without affecting the execution of the target process. The API is a C API, but is also supported in C++.

Hotpatch™ is licensed under the permissible 3-clause BSD license and is free for anyone to use. The source code and latest downloadable version of Hotpatch™ can be downloaded from Github.

Why Hotpatch™

The main idea of Hotpatch™ stems from the fact that in Linux, it is not easy to load a library into another already running process.
In Windows, there is an API called CreateRemoteThread() that can load a library into another process very easily with a couple of API calls.
Hotpatch™ makes this functionality available to Linux users and developers, with a single API call.
Unlike other available injection libraries, Hotpatch™ restores the execution of the process to its original state.


The user can do the following with Hotpatch™: Further details and documentation can be found here.

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